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Admission Process

Below is a step-by-step overview of our Admission process.

1.  Complete the application packet

The following materials must be received by the school before an admissions application can be reviewed.

1. A completed "Application for Admission" form.
2. Parent Confidential Form
3. Confidential School Report form (To be completed by a designated official from your child's current/previous school).
4. a) Official transcripts (Secondary School).
    b) Copies of 3 years report (Elementary School).
5. Completed medical forms (Immunization, Health information and Examination forms).
6. Copy of student's passport or birth certificate.
7. A signed enrollment contract and Parent-Student-School Agreement.
8. Payment of a $200 application fee.
9. Copies of any standardized test scores (optional).

Here are the documents you need to download, complete, and submit to begin the process of enrollment at Lincoln Community School.  You can also find these on the Application downloads page.

Elementary School (Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 5) Application Documents
Secondary School (Grades 6 - 12) Application Documents
  1. Application Checklist
  2. Application for Admission Form
  3. Parent Confidential Form
  4. Medical Forms (Physical Examination form must be filled out by a Physician)
  5. Elementary School Confidential School
    Report Form
  6. Enrollment Contract
  1. Application Checklist
  2. Application for Admission Form 
  3. Parent Confidential Form
  4. Medical Forms (Physical Examination form must be filled out by a Physician)
  5. Secondary School Confidential School
    Report Form
  6. Enrollment Contract

You may send application documents to us via email (, fax (+233 21 780 985), or by hand delivery.

Please remember to include a $200 application fee (see Fees page for bank information).

Note: The Admission Office will only accept a fully completed application package before it will start the admission process. All the application documents required must come in one e-mail. Hand delivered applications must also be fully complete. Any application submitted that is not complete will be rejected. The only requested document which may come in a separate e-mail directly from the current school of the student(s) is the Confidential School Report Form.

2.  Testing/Interviews/Screening

All applicants seeking entry into pre-kindergarten to grade 5 may go through screening/interview.  Applicants for grade 6 to12 may be tested and/or interviewed. To expedite the application process, applicants should include standardized test scores/results recognized by LCS, for example: ITBS, CAT, Stanford 9 or 10, ISA, ERB.  If the applicant has taken a US or international standardized achievement test results within the last two years, this may be accepted in lieu of the screener/interview.  Please send these results along with the school records.

  • Screening interviews for pre-kindergaten to grade 5 applicants are scheduled after a review of the application and school records by the Admission Committee. 
  • Testing and/or  interviews for grade 6-12 applicants are scheduled after a review of the application and school records by the Admission Committee.
  • The testing/screening has several components that may be mandatory for entrance such as English language skills and mathematics, a writing sample, reading etc. 
  • Please note that results of screening/interviews/testing may take up to 48 hours (two working days). In some cases, results may be reviewed prior to a new student's start of school. We encourage families to avail themselves at their earliest convenience when they arrive in Ghana for screening interview for pre-kindergarten to grade 5 and testing and/or interview for grades 6 to 12 to be conducted. Final placement will be based upon review of screening/interviews/testing results and educational history of the child. The Admission Office will contact you both for scheduling and to announce the final admission decision to you before start of school.

3.  Admission Decision

As general practice, admission decisions are completed after the applicant has taken the appropriate screening/interviews/testing, as needed.  However, the School may make early decisions about admission based on receipt and review of school records indicating satisfactory academic performance and behavior, especially if applicants should include standardized test/results scores recognized by LCS, and other supporting documentation as requested.  The final admission decision will be conveyed to the parents, by the Admission Office, as soon as possible.

4.  Orientation of New Families (parents and students)

The Admission office conducts orientation programs for new families at the beginning of a new school year and also at the beginning of the second semester. Students who are admitted when the school year has already started also receive customized orientation from their class teachers., after they pick up a welcome packaged from the Advancement Office.

5.  Wait Pool

In the event of capacity enrollment at a grade level or in a program, the Admission Office will maintain a wait pool.  Applicants in the wait pool will be considered for admission as openings become available.  We do have a Parent Priority consideration, but there is no chronological or predetermined order in which students are selected to fill these openings within that Priority grouping.  We strive to obtain a balance in gender, diversity in nationalities and predictable academic success for the applicant within the programs offered; when a space becomes available, we determine which applicant best complements the class.  If and when space is available in a class or program, the parents will be advised immediately and asked to confirm that they still wish their child to enter LCS.  Parents confirming their continued interest in having their child attend LCS will be required to pay the current tuition and fees immediately once space is confirmed.

For wait pool grades, the LCS Admission Policy will guide priority of placement.

Other Important Application Information

PLEASE NOTE: Once a place is offered, the student must at that time be enrolled and tuition paid in order to hold the place for immediate or later entry within the school’s calendar year.  A family cannot defer a student’s entry for the next school year without reapplying and submitting the necessary documentation and application fee.

Grade placement to Lincoln Community School is a collective decision by the Admissions Committee after we have reviewed all requested application documents. Preliminary in this placement are two factors: the age of the child and how the previous class attended equates on our 2014-2015 grade placement guide/ 2015-2016 grade placement guide.

New Secondary School students may start classes anytime during the course of a semester except during exam period. New Secondary School students applying for admission during the fourth quarter of a semester must obtain special permission for enrollment.

Once you are admitted...

Parents should enroll their children at Lincoln immediately upon acceptance in order to secure their place.  Once an applicant is accepted, be sure the following items are addressed in order to complete the enrollment process and get your child fully ready for school:

1. Payment of tuition and all other school fees directly to the Business Office, obtaining an Official Receipt of Payment.
2. Submission of the signed Parent Agreement form to the Admission Office.
3. Medical records complete and updated in the Admission Office.
4. Receive a welcome pack with Student/Parent Handbook, PTO letter, etc. from the Admission Office.
5. Update e-mail and telephone numbers in the Admission Office.
6. Secondary School students meet with a counselor for class scheduling.
7. Sign up for Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) programs and after school activities in the CAS office.
8. Sign computer user agreement form in the Technology Office.
9. Obtain ID card photos for students, parents, and drivers/nannies in the Technology Office.
10. Purchase PE uniforms, stationary, etc. from the school store.
11. Collect car stickers from the main administration building reception desk (need car registration number).
12. Purchase lunch coupons (optional for grades 1 to 5) from the Elementary Principal's office.

Thank you for considering Lincoln Community School.  We hope you can visit us for a tour to experience our campus community first-hand.  In the meantime, you can learn a lot about LCS by perusing our website.  We are particularly proud of our status as the only International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in West Africa, and encourage you to visit our Academics pages to learn more.  Please do not hesitate to email us ( with your questions and queries.

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