Jeffery Agyekum Adjei
Posted 21/03/2011 01:00PM

Jeffery Agyekum Adjei

Media Specialist, Elementary School

Technology for Learning

Ask Jeffery, Lincoln’s Elementary School Media Specialist, about his place in Lincoln’s community and he’ll tell you he’s had too many jobs to keep track of.  But ask him which role he’s enjoyed most?  “Teaching,” he’ll say before you can finish the question.

For Jeffery, his job in media isn’t about newfangled gadgets or flashy toys, it’s about supporting learning.  When students enter the computer lab for a lesson, they know it’s not free time.  If they’re loud or disorderly coming into his domain, “I’ll send them out,” Jeffery says, “remind them, hey, we’re still in school, let’s come in the lab properly just like any other classroom.”

There’s nothing Jeffery enjoys more than finding new ways to use tech resources to boost a student’s education.  “I’m always researching, checking out emerging technologies, and anything I find I am quick to go and share with classroom teachers,” he says.

Helping his native Ghana improve its educational system is another of Jeffery’s passions.  He’s already sharing the technological and pedagogical skills he’s learned at Lincoln, bringing teachers from a local government school into his lab after hours to teach them about technology and the classroom.

Jeffery’s done his share to make sure that Lincoln’s teachers are comfortable with technology, too, helping teacher’s assistants improve their computer skills as part of his work on a master’s degree in Educational Technology.  “Teachers now are tech savvy,” he says.  “Most of them could totally teach their own computer classes, which is fabulous.”

And if he ends up working himself out of a job?  Well, he’s caught the travel bug from the international staff at LCS, and thinks he might like to someday teach at a school in another country, too.

Lincoln’s staff and students hope he stays.

First used a computer: learning Excel in a university economics class in the late 1990s

Favorite website:, a social bookmarking website where he tracks online educational resources recommended by teachers from around the world

Extracurricular activities: loves to watch a fifth grader beat an eleventh grader in the chess club that he sponsors

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