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Emad Toutounji
Posted 21/03/2011 11:00AM

Emad Toutounji

LCS Alumnus

A Positive Legacy

For Emad Toutounji, an LCS student from the 1980s, life at Lincoln has come full circle.  Once a fourth grader on a much smaller campus, now his own children run and learn in the halls and fields where he once played four square and reached the finals of highly anticipated spelling bees.

Stepping onto campus for the first time in more than two decades, after recently moving back to Ghana, he noticed some differences right away: the new multi-purpose gymnasium, the big parking lot, the pool.  The welcome, though, made him feel right at home.

“I introduced myself,” he says, “and the minute everyone got to know that I had been a student at Lincoln they were so happy to meet me, and I felt as if I had never left.  It was like a family that you just leave for some time and then come back to.”

Emad feels that, though he’s mostly lived outside Ghana since leaving LCS after seventh grade, he’s been keeping a little bit of the school inside of him.  “To me, the main thing I learned at Lincoln was the positive attitude that we should carry with us,” he says.  “It was a lesson for life, a way of carrying yourself forward when things are not going the way you want, that if you are persistent and believe in yourself you can attain your goals.”

He sees this positive culture continuing at the school, and believes it will help LCS achieve its own communal dreams.  “I see the school expanding and becoming an example not only in West Africa,” Emad says, “but I also see Lincoln becoming an example that other schools can follow across the whole of the continent.”

As for his own children, he’s happy they are a part of the Lincoln family.  “I hope to see them graduate from Lincoln one day,” he says, “and become successful and then come back to visit the school, just like me now.”

Master of the waves: has won windsurfing competitions, now regularly kite surfs at Labadi Beach

Master of international business: he’s lived in Lebanon, Cyprus, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, and won awards for his work with marketing and communications companies

Master of letters: still proud of his boyhood appearance in the finals of the LCS elementary school spelling bee, two years in a row

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