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Sahil Kirpalani
Posted 21/03/2011 11:06AM

Sahil Kirpalani

LCS Middle Years Program Student

Exploring a Meaningful World

Lincoln student Sahil Kirpalani loves how the LCS Middle Years Program has taught him to look for meaning in the world.  “In English we’re reading a book of poems called Witness,” he says.  “It does a lot with symbolism, and you have to try to read between the lines and find the inner meaning of the poem.”

Going deeper into learning is something that Sahil appreciates, something he experienced for the first time at LCS.

At other schools “teachers would just tell you to read something and then do a test on it,” he says.  “At Lincoln we have tests, of course, but I like that I also get to use my knowledge in different ways and do projects that make me think outside the box.”

‘Reading between the lines’ is now everyday stuff for Sahil as he searches for symbols and meaning even outside the classroom.  “Now I find myself doing it when I’m watching movies and stuff,” he says.  “It’s uncanny sometimes, it just comes.”

Sahil also appreciates how Lincoln has connected him to the world outside of Ghana, his birthplace.  From ski trips to Switzerland to football tournaments in Burkina Faso and Togo, “I’ve had the chance to experience new places and meet new people from different schools.”

Sahil is looking forward to being involved with Lincoln for many years to come.  He’s already helped set goals for the school as one of the student leaders who participated in a recent long-range planning process. 

“I think LCS has a bright future,” he says, “brighter even than what we have now, and this is amazing already.”

Football fan: life-long Manchester United soccer team supporter, has already been to three Man U matches in the UK

Music man: likes to play songs by The Fray in his band, listens to a lot of house music and techno

Father’s son: relishes the friendly competition of nightly pool table sessions, wants to emulate his dad’s positive approach to life

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