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Rebecca Caudill
Posted 21/03/2011 10:55AM

Rebecca Caudill

Director of Education Programs

An Expanding Worldview

After years of teaching in the same Florida education system where she went to school in the southwestern United States, Rebecca Caudill – Lincoln’s Director of Education Pograms – wanted to broaden her world a bit.  In her trusty Toyota Corolla, she’d already traveled to almost every state in the U.S.  So when a job in Ghana called, she was eager to experience life in Africa.

Here, she loves the spontaneity, warmth, and connectedness of Ghanaian culture.  Through a relationship with a local taxi driver, she’s formed a special bond with his home village on the edge of Accra.  On a Sunday afternoon you might find her there, teaching the kids to play American games like Red Rover or sitting in the shade on a wooden bench reading them a book.

Rebecca is also enjoying the diversity of experiences and cultures that Lincoln students bring to school with them every day.  “There’s nothing better than talking to a student and hearing about where they’ve been or things they do differently from me,” she says.  “They offer these viewpoints that open up my mind and drive me to go and inquire more myself.”

With a background in music and dance, Rebecca is taking full advantage of Ghana’s cultural scene.  She takes drumming lessons three times a week and explores Ghanaian dance with Lincoln students.  She’s even performed an original piece at a dance festival in Togo, where she was “the only white girl in the whole show.”

Whether she is pounding fufu with a local auntie under a tree in a village, sharing her love of dance with a group of schoolchildren, or watching the bats fly over her house every night at sunset, Rebecca can’t imagine being anywhere else.

“Ghana,” she says, “feels like home.”

Fondest wish: that she could drive her Toyota Corolla across the ocean to Hawaii, one of only four American states she has yet to visit

Thing she can’t stand: Kids who don’t have books read to them

She’ll knock your socks off: with her dance moves

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