LCS @50 Celebrations

The legacy of LCS is strong because of the dynamic members in our community and Lincoln
Community School's 50th Anniversary events were no exception. Every event celebrated
was a huge success because of the many hours of hard work and effort by committed
members of our community. A huge "Thank you!" to all our Work Group members, this
school year and last, who put so much heart and time into making all the events
outstanding for all who attended. Read on for a recap of our 50th Anniversary events in

Celebrating LCS @50 with Founder, Frances T. McNulty

The words of Frances Toohey McNulty, one of the founding members of Lincoln Community
School in 1968, resonated with pride throughout the ballroom at the Kempinski Gold
Coast Hotel on Saturday evening, November 24. Although Frances was not able to attend,
two of her six children, Kerry and Kevin, and four of her grandchildren were present at the
Gala event. It was a pleasure to hear two of the first students of LCS share their thoughts
and memories, as well see and hear Francis McNulty share her words to more than 275
LCS parents, teachers, and invited guests.

In her video message that evening, Frances shared two important themes: community and
unity. Her words confirmed fulfilment beyond "anything (she) had ever imagined." Frances
affirmed, "One person without any help from anyone, can't do very much to make a
difference in this crazy world, but when people get together, the possibilities are endless."
This statement rings true in 2018. The vision of our new elementary school is in plain
sight. The accomplishments of our Lincoln Learners, teachers and staff, are exhibited
throughout our school and beyond and demonstrate how together we do make a
difference. The possibilities are endless.

Frances' message applauding Lincoln Community School is validated 50 years later through
our mission: We are a Learning-Focused School. We are a Leading School. We are a
Connected School. To sum up, again in the words of LCS founder, Frances McNulty, "And
now we know that Lincoln Community School is teamwork at its finest." Yes, indeed. Thank
you, Frances. Cheers to another 50 years of educational excellence, community, and unity.
Congratulations LCS!

50th Anniversary Guest Speaker: Michael G. Thompson, Ph. D

Without a doubt, psychologist Dr. Michael G. Thompson, was a hit! Members from our LCS
community that took the time to attend the published events of Dr. Thompson felt
strongly it was time well spent.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Thompson influenced and informed all audiences. His
expertise as a preeminent psychologist from the U.S. addressed many relevant topics: the
importance of fathering, raising responsible children, friendship and popularity, pressures
on children today, to name a few. Parents, students, teachers, and administrators took
away important pieces of advice as well as practical strategies from his engaging
presentations. His questioning format style and strong listening skills made every
scheduled presentation appealing and informative.

Dr. Thompson, in his two day visit here at LCS on November 12 and 13, found it a pleasure
to interact with all members of our community. In addition, Dr. Thompson addressed more
than 550 local Ghanaian teachers at The Teacher's Network aka TEN Conference on
November 17. Again, he impressed all by sharing his personal experience of visiting a
local rural school in Tamale. Teachers supported his comments of "good teaching is good
therapy" with resounding applause. Dr. Thomson connected with so many in our
community and beyond in his brief visit here at LCS.

To all those who attended any session with Dr. Thompson, please let us know if you would
like a soft copy of a handout for the session you attended. Email:

Support for this event was sponsored by The Office of Advancement.

LCS Thanksgiving for Staff

In the American tradition, Thanksgiving is a day grounded in gratitude- gratitude for all
that you have and gratitude for things yet to come. While we may feel thankful daily, we
often do not take time to make those feelings known. In honor of this sentiment, Lincoln
Community School on Thanksgiving day, November 22nd, 2018, carved out time and
space to show gratitude to those who make our community function, evolve, and thrive.
Without LCS staff- educators, administrators, gardeners, security personnel, etc -our
community would be incomplete. They are the backbone and heart of what we do.

Working in education is often a thankless job. Teachers are rightfully expected to do their
best to educate. Security staff are expected to keep our children safe. However, going
above and beyond, as LCS staff often do, is a cause for celebration.

The day of thanks started off with a friendly house color competition. Staff members were
divided into their house colors and participated in friendly team building games. The
olympics included an obstacle course, a FIFA-level football competition, basketball, table
tennis and badminton, just to name a few. While the Yellow house officially took the
victory, judging from the smiles around the field, there were many winners that day.

Working as a team worked up an appetite! While Thanksgiving is a traditionally American
holiday, it has been adapted by so many cultures, and LCS Thanksgiving included food
from all over the world, especially our host country of Ghana. Multiple lines of food
surrounded the Elementary School basketball courts. In addition, there was certainly
enough entertainment to accompany the food! Dancers, musicians, singers and even a new
Lincoln Community school song kept the vibe of the Thanksgiving lunch jovial, energetic
and connected. A family member of a founder of LCS commented, "This is the most fun
Thanksgiving I've ever had!"

While we are grateful for so many of our staff, we wanted to highlight one in particular for
his years of service. If you have even walked on LCS's campus, then you most likely know
Mr. Nelson. Starting as a security guard 32 years ago when he first joined LCS, Mr. Nelson
has held many positions during his tenure as the school's longest staff member. Over the
years, he has become a staple to this campus and we will miss him as he retires this year.

Thanksgiving should not end after full tummies and the clearance of leftovers. The holiday
should start a practice- a practice of showing appreciation for all those who make our
school vibrant and caring. At LCS, community is not just in our name; it is a essential part
of our identity, and to all those in the LCS community, we simply say "thank you!"

50th Anniversary Alumni Soiree

It was a wonderful night filled with merry laughter, delicious food, and great fun. The 50th
Anniversary Alumni Soirée was certainly a memorable event that brought alumni together
to celebrate and reminisce. As they walked down into the beautifully decorated Vine
Lounge, their excitement grew when they recognized other alumni, old teachers and staff
they hadn't seen in years. The event began with a round of welcome drinks while the DJ
entertained with music in the background. We then had opening remarks from Ms.
Flormann, Chairman of the 50th Anniversary committee, followed by a welcome address by the Advancement Team.

As expected, a major part of the soirée constituted alumni, faculty and staff catching up
with each other and reminiscing about the old times. Many of them enjoyed flipping
through the different yearbooks (some going back as far as the 80s) that were displayed
on the various tables. They had a lot of good laughs over some of the old photos and were
even 'caught' taking screenshots with their cellphones! One highlight of the event was the
presence of Kerry and Kevin McNulty, children of Frances McNulty, one of the founders of
Lincoln Community School. Being alumni who attended LCS in the 70s, it was great seeing
them interact with some of the younger alumni as well as the familiar faces that attended
LCS around the same time they did.

Other highpoints of the event included the cutting of the 'LCS at 50' cake and a highly
anticipated Lucky Dip, where two alumni won two tickets each, to attend the LCS gala at
Kempinski the following day. The tail end of the event was filled with dancing and lots of
photos being taken at the photobooth.

Lincoln Community School is truly excited to have had the opportunity to celebrate our
50th Anniversary with our amazing alumni, who are an important part of the school's
legacy. We look forward to celebrating together with our alumni, again, in the years to