Alumnus Naa Kwarley Eyiram Quartey

Naa Kwarley Eyiram Quartey attended Lincoln
Community School from 2001 to 2007, after
being awarded a scholarship by the school.

Naa recounts her time in the library as her
most vivid memory from her years at LCS.
"I remember how enthralled I was when I
first stepped inside. I loved that library. I
spent so many happy hours there, reading".
According to her, the rigor of the IB program,
as well as its holistic approach to learning
helped her to adapt well in college. By the
time she got to college, she was already used
to working hard and trying her hand at different disciplines. "To borrow a
phrase from college, I came out of LCS not just better learned, but steeped
in better learning,'' she proudly stated.

Naa recently completed her studies in Kumasi, at the School of Medicine
and Dentistry. She is very passionate about healthcare - its practice, and
making sure that it is accessible to all who need it. Her advice to current
students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in her field
is to think it through very carefully before committing to a career in