Celebrations of Learning in the Elementary School

Celebrations of Learning in the Elementary School

By Natalie Wilhelm, PYP Coordinator

At the end of this semester, Elementary School students have been
celebrating their learning - and what joyous celebrations they have been!

In ECC, students finished their latest unit "How We Express Ourselves"
inquiring into the central idea - We can use our creativity to express
our ideas and feelings.
The celebration included dancing, singing, building,
set design, drama, drawings, paintings - it was truly a magical and creative
celebration. One had to remind oneself that they are only 4 and 5 years old
and unbelievably articulate, brave, and talented!

G3 celebrated their love of reading with Guess My Book Character. Students
and teachers dressed as their favorite book characters and gave their classmates
three clues to guess who they were. Not only was the celebration fun, it was also
a chance for students to think deeply about what qualities make a character
memorable as well as an opportunity for book recommendations. The character
Aso from Anansi the Spider was a crowd favorite. This was another celebration
for the books (pun intended)!

The celebrations have continued with G4 ending their "How the World Works"
unit with group inquiry projects posted on a Google website related to the
central idea - Understanding the continual changing nature of the Earth informs
our decisions.
Here you will find student research projects about earthquakes,
tsunamis, volcanoes, etc. where students have incorporated elements of design
and engineering and have learned crucial digital literacy skills.

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Well done
Lincoln Learners!