GHAMUN XVII Conference Brings Together Ghana Schools Through Diplomacy

Johnny Schwerk, MUN Director

On February 1-3, 2024, Lincoln Community School hosted the 17th annual GHAMUN conference and it was a great success. Over 100 students from seven schools from all over Accra and Tema joined us for three days of debating world issues. 

The theme of this year’s conference was “Advocacy for the Health and Safety of Future Generations” and the issues debated in three committees included food security, protecting civilians in the Israel-Hamas conflict, the debt crisis in less economically developed countries, menstrual hygiene management, gender inequality and the rights of minors online. The spirited debates, capably chaired by LCS students, yielded great policy proposals and solutions, while students developed their skills in public speaking, collaboration, research and resolution-writing. 

There was also a Press Corps, which published daily editions of The ComMUNicator. Like the rest of the conference, this was student-led, with appropriate support and guidance from LCS faculty. Special thanks are due to Ms. Bowers for helping out with the Press Corps, as well as Ms. Annie for her unwavering and consistent support of many logistical aspects of the conference. 

The GHAMUN XVII Secretariat was instrumental in the flourishing of the MUN program in general and the GHAMUN XVII conference in particular. Under the skilled guidance of the Secretary-General, Ridaan Gupta, the Secretariat leadership team (Ophelia Hvidtfeld Freiesleben Macasey, Geneviève Paris Lemay and Favour Nkansah-Kyei) was tireless in their efforts and their hard work paid off in another successful conference that created lasting memories for all participants.