IB Continuum @LCS

It was my pleasure to sit down with LCS’s three IB Coordinators this week to ask them questions that we often receive from parents year-round - not only during the admissions process. I believe you'll find the interviews informative and enlightening regarding aspects of our IB-focused framework for teaching and learning. Please take some time to watch these videos that explain the tenets of the three programs.

Some highlights include:

  1. What do the IB, PYP, MYP and DP acronyms stand for?
  2. What does inquiry mean in the IB?
  3. What are the three culminating projects of each program (PYP Exhibition, MYP Personal Project and the DP Extended Essay)?
  4. What are the subject choices students have in the MYP and DP?

Please, do not hesitate to ask additional questions any of them at:

Dr. Jitka Stiles

Head of Advancement