PTO November Coffee Hour--Giving Back to Our Community
Posted 23/11/2015 04:05PM

PTO November Coffee Hour--Giving Back to Our Community

Those who attended the PTO Coffee Hour on November 3rd discovered new ways of giving back to our community. First, LCS Board President, Eva Cavanna, and LCS Head of School, Dennis Larkin, reviewed important projects funded by the Lincoln Fund and the Advancement Team invited parents to contribute to the Lincoln Fund during November.

Next, a local NGO leader who is giving back to the Ghanaian community challenged parents to do the same. Environment360 seeks to minimize our human impact on the environment and help communities evolve into sustainable living. Cordie Aziz began Environment 360 just a few years ago and recently won the 2015 Unicef Reach for Change award.

This NGO provides business recycling programs, school recycling programs and a small scale community recycling program. The small scale recycling program--Evolve Community Recycle Project--was launched recently with proceeds going to fund Growing Green to provide education and programming to impoverished communities.

All LCS families are encouraged to participate in Evolve and can learn more (and recycle plastic products) at the weekly Saturday Kaya Market. During this month of Thanksgiving, the PTO Coffee was a great way to begin thinking about giving back to our community. We hope you can join us for the next PTO coffee in December.