The Lincoln Fund is an annual philanthropic fundraising initiative by Lincoln Community School in Accra, Ghana.  Through charitable giving, The Lincoln Fund directly supports our mission and vision by funding programs for students and faculty. The Lincoln Fund enhances LCS student learning through substantial and sustained programs.

The Lincoln Fund supports many elements of the LCS student experience by supporting:

  • ​​​cutting edge laboratory equipment
  • our libraries and media resources
  • educational field trips
  • consultation with specialized experts
  • guest presenters
  • innovative technology equipment
  • student centered activities programs
  • the Dr. Dennis Larkin Scholarship

Every year, the Dr. Dennis Larkin Scholarship, sponsored through The Lincoln Fund, offers two full educational scholarships to well-deserving, outstanding Ghanaian students from Accra.

Through charitable giving that passionately supports our mission and vision, parents, board members, teachers, staff, and friends of Lincoln Community School have raised over 300,000 USD since the Fund’s inception in 2010.

Donate today to The Lincoln Fund because learning can’t wait.  No donation is too small to make a big difference. Thank you for your commitment to our mission and vision.