Securing Lincoln's future was at the heart of the decision to create an advancement program for LCS. We looked closely at several options for advancement models in designing Lincoln’s program including successful offices at independent schools in the United States and Canada and at international schools in Asia and Europe. In the end, we chose to develop an advancement program that is uniquely Lincoln, connected to the traditions of this school and committed to its future.

At Lincoln, the advancement office creates awareness about our students' accomplishments, builds relationships to support our community, and generates support for our school – now and into the future. 
At Lincoln, we are proud of our successes in developing students into principled men and women who think, care, and act for the good of themselves, their families, and their societies. Here, students – both  expatriate and Ghanaian – find challenging lessons to engage their minds and teachers who inspire and guide them. Lincoln teachers stress inquiry and critical thinking; school-wide, out-of-the-classroom community service programs emphasize action; extra-curricular athletic and after-school activities promote balance. Respect for themselves and for others is embedded in all they learn. 

At Lincoln, we embrace our school's tradition of academic rigor and essential community service, developed and nurtured in the years since LCS was founded in 1968. It's a tradition that produces leaders, both in Ghana and in dozens of other countries across the globe where LCS alumni live and work.  

Your support for Lincoln, through The Lincoln Fund strengthens that tradition of excellence and advances our common vision of a successful future for the school and its students. 

Questions? Contact us at Or visit us in our offices in the administration building.