”If you want to give others happiness, practice compassion.  If you want to make yourself happy, practice compassion.”

- dalai lama

At Lincoln Community School, helping our students learn and practice compassion through service to the broader community is one of our top priorities.  From turtle-hatchery projects to weekend "builds" with Habitat for Humanity to weekly "Service Wednesday" trips, we offer learners at all levels the opportunity to transcend barriers, develop stewardship, and build empathy as they work on issues of local and global importance.

 At the elementary school level, service is integrated into the academic learning experience through outreach projects built into classroom units.  In middle school, service becomes more formal as classes choose specific long-term volunteer projects designed to complement classroom learning. In high school, students pursue service hours as part of a core set of outside-the-classroom activities, meeting specific volunteer requirements that will help them stand out to the colleges and universities where they will soon apply.

 Through all LCS service activities we teach students teamwork, respect for human dignity, and personal qualities like curiosity and determination.  Reaching out beyond the walls of the academy, engaged learners uncover personal talents, discover the ethical implications of their life and actions, and build an awareness of and empathy for the common challenges facing humanity.

Service Learning Groups

Global Issues Service Summit

The Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) Global Issues Service Summit (GISS) motivates and encourages students to enquire about global issues and learn alongside other members and Change makers from across Africa. Student members spend time presenting, learning, sharing and discussing important issues, followed by a hands-on service learning day in the local community. GISS provides members with opportunities to strategize solutions to global issues, meaningful sessions and stories about positive change happening here in Africa, and the support for taking action and engagement in their own communities. At LCS we not only discuss such global challenges but find out ways we can address them in our host country of Ghana.

Roots and Shoots

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is a youth-led community action and learning program of the Jane Goodall Institute. Through the program, young people map their community to identify specific challenges their neighborhoods face. From there, they prioritize the problems, develop a plan for a solution, and take action all while developing the skills and attitudes to become part of the next generation of Dr. Jane Goodall’s. The LCS Roots and Shoots chapter has sponsored the International Day of Peace and is involved in enrichment programs for animals at the Accra Zoo and WAPCA Primate Center. Donations of labor and funds have helped the center as it expands to take in orphaned and unwanted animals. Students have volunteered with the Solo Forest monkey sanctuary at Bortianor, and helped organize the first Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in Accra. The Group is also involved with biodiversity issues, tree planting and developing a green climate on the LCS Campus

Ghana Must Read

As the name implies Ghana Must Read is on a mission to encourage the love of reading especially with children in their formative years. It is a club, which wants to establish outreach programs. Reading as we know is key to knowledge and making informed choices on issues. We go out into local communities with all sorts of reading, drawing and coloring materials to engage in fun activities. We want all children of school going age to enjoy the love of reading.

Street Girls Aid

The High Achievers DayCare centre of Street Girls Aid group is full of expectant and fun loving pre-k up to five year old children. During visits, LCS volunteers are often greeted by sleepy-eyed toddlers just waking from their daily nap – but the yawns don’t last long!  Our students get them going easily with theme-based lessons and individualized playtime. LCS students read stories, lead art projects and play with the children.Time spent with these youngsters enriches the lives of both toddlers and volunteers.

New Horizon Special School

This school provides education and training for children with special needs. Programmes include day school education for children, vocational training and employment from 4 yrs to 40 yrs and specialist education for children living with autism. LCS students engage in a variety of activities from beadmaking, reading, computer literacy to hotly contested games of soccer, and supervising drawing and other arts activities.

Bolina's Academy

This group of dedicated Lincoln pupils reach out to a local school to help students succeed in learning.  They help make learning exciting by playing “thinking games”, reading and teaching fun games. Like many of our service groups, this tutoring activity is a homegrown idea, proving that LCS students are not shy in meeting leadership challenges.

Village of Hope Orphanage

The Village of Hope (VOH) was started in the United States and Ghana in 1989. Its mission was to care for orphaned, abandoned, destitute and needy children. Since its establishment many poor, hungry, homeless and hurting children have been cared for. It has two branches, one at Fetteh near Kasoa and the other at Ayawaso, Pokuase. Apart from providing nursery, Primary and Junior High school education, VOH offers employable vocational skills like dressmaking, auto engineering, leatherwork and fashion design to street children. LCS has partnered with VOH Ayawaso, Pokuase to share ideas and establish literacy and numeracy programs among others.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a US based NGO that offers free correctional surgeries for children born with cleft lip/palate conditions.LCS is the first school in Ghana to establish a chapter. Members work on creating the awareness through multi- media processes, raise funds, and  donate child friendly material. They volunteer to serve on missions to support patients and medical staff through pre and post surgeries.

Student Led Activities Group

Tech Needs Ghana

This club was started by an LCS student and essentially serves to teach students from local schools based in Accra on how to work with computer literacy programs. By teaching them fundamentals and by providing with short tasks along the way, this club hopes to make an impact on the lives of these students who are gifted and fast learners.

Model United Nations (HS)

The Model United Nations (MUN) program at LCS is a fulfilling experience. Students are challenged by regular mock debates on local and global issues that we are facing as an international community. This activity is an opportunity to improve in public speaking skills, gain a greater understanding of the world, and make new friends. If you commit to the program, you will have the opportunity to participate in GHAMUN, the conference we host at LCS, and international conferences. Members of the club have travelled to Amsterdam, Lisbon, Jordan, Johannesburg and many other places in the past.

Human Rights Club (MS and HS)

The aim of the Human Rights Club (HRC) is to raise the awareness & understanding of Human Rights. We encourage Human Rights scholarship, supporting students as they undertake research for capstone projects in the PYP, MYP and DP .  HRC supports a number of student-led action & awareness raising groups which roughly match with the United Nation’s “Four Generation Human Rights System” & UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Additionally, HRC produces a reflective & literary magazine titled  “Between the Lines”. HRC also organizes two capstone activities: the Rwanda Project (meeting with survivors of the Rwandan Genocide) & Krakow Journey (a visit to significant Human Rights locations in Europe).

Student Representative Government (MS and HS)

The purpose of the Student Representative Council (SRC) is improve the general welfare and spirit of the student body by acting as a voice for the student body and managing student-related activities.  Furthermore this group of student leaders ensure the general welfare of the student body by providing means for the exchange of ideas through “community meetings” and class representatives

Prom Committee (HS)

The purpose of this student lead group is to organize and raise funds to pay for  the annual HS social event known as Senior Prom. Students fill a number of committees within this organization of this group including publicity, fundraising, logistics, and site coordination.  There are a variety of individual leadership positions in addition to these committee assignments.

National Honor Society (HS)

National Honor Society (NHS) is designed to celebrate the achievements of students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. As part of their commitment to service Lincoln’s NHS reaches out beyond LCS walls to give scholarships to local students.  Money for books, uniforms, and school supplies supports area learners who might not otherwise be able to continue their studies. Over the past three years, dozens of local students have been helped through funds raised by the LCS chapter of NHS.