Distance learning


At LCS, we are guided by our mission to Learn, Lead, and Connect, as well as our Learning Principles. We are committed to providing high quality instruction for all students, even in the event of a campus closure. The Distance Learning section of our website outlines our principles around online learning, as well as the roles of teachers, parents, and students. 

Distance learning will look differently at each division and grade level. We recognize our young learners will need quite a bit of support from a Parent or Guardian, while our Middle and High School students will be able to work more independently. 

Across the grade levels, our teachers are working to provide a variety of activities, some which need to be completed on a computer or tablet, and some which can be completed offline. We are also planning opportunities for students to connect via video conferencing with their teachers and classmates. 

Through it all, our teachers are committed to providing your child with the best possible educational experience during these extraordinary times.

Distance learning at LCS is based on the following objectives:

  • to provide focused learning experiences consistent with our LCS mission and LCS Learning Principles
  • to provide students with choice and flexibility in pace
  • to provide teacher-crafted, meaningful learning experiences for students based on learner outcomes for the current units within each subject
  • to enable students to engage meaningfully with the learning opportunities provided by their teachers
  • to continue to grow the class community through online relationships