Child Safeguarding



Whether on campus or online, child safeguarding is our highest priority. As a parent, unless you are sitting right next to your child, it may be difficult to know whether he or she is doing online schoolwork or engaging in other online activities. Because of this, we encourage you to help your child set up their “student office” in a common area of your home. Whenever possible, students should not be working alone in a closed room. 

All communications between LCS Faculty and students should be through the platforms outlined in this document, such as the LCS GSuite (LCS Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts Meet), Zoom, or Seesaw.  Other forms of social and communications media such as, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, personal email accounts, etc. should not be used for communication between students and faculty, both for reasons of transparency and child protection.

In order to support your child’s learning, your child’s teacher may determine that a one on one video conferencing session is necessary. These sessions should be held in a common area, as described above. 

Another concern that sometimes arises with increased time online is the possibility of students being unkind to each other on digital platforms. Please remember that the behavioral expectations outlined in each of the division’s Parent-Student Handbooks also apply to online learning. 

We appreciate your collaboration in working to keep all of our students safe online.