For Parents


We recognise that the transition to distance learning will be challenging for families. Please know that your child’s teachers, counselors, and administrators are here to offer assistance and collaborate with you. 

Some students will thrive with distance learning, while others may struggle. The  guidelines provided below are intended to help parents think about what they can do to help their children find success in a distance learning environment

The role of the parent is:

  • to create an atmosphere for learning each day; this could include providing a quiet space, access to the internet and time for completing assignments
  • to support students in maintaining healthy routines including quality sleep, a balanced diet and time for exercise
  • to communicate with teachers and administrators when needed, such as for clarity of task or to inform about extenuating circumstances: this will vary depending on the age of your child

The role of the teacher is:

  • to develop learning experiences for students that are outcome-focused and which are a genuine part of the current units being studied
  • to assign activities that are connected to current and planned units of study 
  • to be available online to support student learning each working day
  • to provide timely, useful and concise feedback to students 

The role of the student is:

  • to engage meaningfully with the learning opportunities provided
  • to complete the assignments set by the teacher(s)
  • to ask questions when necessary, by contacting teachers
  • to be a principled learner using the traits of the IB Learner Profile
  • to work flexibly to complete assignments effectively within the set time frame