For Students


We recognize the transition to distance learning represents a significant change in students’ daily lives. Our teachers are creating quality educational experiences for students which balance online and offline activities, are directly related to our curriculum, and maintain a focus on student wellbeing. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are all available to support students in this transition. 

In the weeks before the LCS campus closed, students were given time to practice the online tools they will be using during Distance Learning. Elementary students will be using familiar tools such as Seesaw, GSuite and Google Classroom. Middle and High School students will be accessing their courses through the MS and HS Online Learning Hubs, and using familiar tools such as Google Classroom, Google Docs, and Zoom. 

Although the circumstances that have caused us to move to Distance Learning are quite challenging, we are confident students will find rich opportunities for learning through our Distance Learning program. We encourage all students to be active engaged in their learning and strive to meet the expectations below:

The role of the student is:

  • to engage meaningfully with the learning opportunities provided
  • to complete the assignments set by the teacher(s)
  • to ask questions when necessary, by contacting teachers
  • to be a principled learner using the traits of the IB Learner Profile
  • to work flexibly to complete assignments effectively within the set time frame