The LCS Middle School is a vibrant environment in which students actively explore their identities as learners and develop strong foundational skills around the framework of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) Lincoln’s implementation of MYP focuses around the school’s core mission - When we learn we grow, when we lead we serve, and when we connect we thrive.  

When We Learn, We Grow
Students learn through hands-on, independent and collaborative tasks that allow them to apply acquired and practiced skills in new and novel contexts. Teachers directly and indirectly ask students to transfer skills and learning from one unit to the next and from one class across to another. This active learning approach creates a lively and challenging setting in which students can become independent critical thinkers. Whatever happens, it’s what we do next that matters.

When We Lead, We Serve
Students lead in all aspects of our middle school community, extending classroom inquiry, interacting with classmates across the campus, the city, and the world.  Beginning with more structured and scaffolded opportunities, students identify ways that they can take action through student-led assemblies, spirit weeks and service projects. Community Leaders work across the grade levels to bring students together in activities meant to foster collaboration and strong relationships. Don’t show me how it’s done, let me try.

When We Connect, We Thrive
Students connect with each other and with local and international partners through class projects and extra-curricular opportunities.  Through class extensions and grade levels trips, students engage with local sites including museums, botanical gardens and the planetarium. Our Advisory program creates small groups of students and teachers who work together throughout the year to be a strong homebase. Each advisory creates an identity based on student interests and build skills as learners and as human beings. The more we do together the more we achieve. 

MS students participate in WAISAL (West African International School Athletic League) in soccer, volleyball, basketball and MathCounts. Our students have also attended ISTA (International School Theater Association) workshops and auditioned for AMIS (Association of Music in International Schools)  band festivals. Students also initiate their own clubs during the school year; some have been based on social action, artistic interest, engaged writing and fun with sport. 

Through this mission of Learn, Lead, Connect, we believe that our Middle School provides a developmentally appropriate environment that balances positive energy with time for individual and group reflection. Every day is an opportunity for students to embrace a new experience and develop deeper skills on their journey to becoming independent Lincoln Learners.

Warm regards,
Katie Shefren