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IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year curriculum, primarily aimed at students aged 16 to 19. It leads to a qualification that is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. IB DP students also graduate with the LCS Diploma. The curriculum contains six subject groups together with a core made up of three separate parts, each component integrated with a range of approaches to learning. This is illustrated by the diagram below.

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The six compulsory subject areas are:

Group 1: Language A: Studies in Language and Literature
Group 2: Language B: Acquisition
Group 3: Individuals and Societies
Group 4: Sciences
Group 5: Mathematics
Group 6: The Arts (or an elective course: another group 3 or 4 course).

All three parts of the core—extended essay, theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service—are compulsory and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma Programme. They can also be taken as individual courses.

Candidates for the full IB Diploma study one subject selected from each of the six subject groups.

Three subjects are studied at Higher Level (HL) and the remaining three subjects are studied at Standard Level (SL). At LCS much of the higher level content and skills are scheduled separately in H-block, in blocks of varying lengths, taught in parallel to the SL content and skills. Mathematics needs to be decided at the start of the Diploma, but most other subjects allow some flexibility so that HL options do not need to be fixed until after the first semester of the junior year. Some subjects are only offered at Standard Level.

At the end of the two-year programme, candidates are assessed both internally and externally in ways that measure individual performance against stated objectives for each subject.

IB Diploma students take their six chosen subject classes, plus one H-block and one of Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay, to make up the school’s total 8-block, 2-day schedule.

Some courses may not be offered due to insufficient student enrollment. In addition, it is not always possible to accommodate all course selections, due to scheduling conflicts. Every effort will be made to accommodate student preferences but sometimes a compromise choice needs to be made.


Each of the 6 subjects are graded from a low of 1 to a high of 7, with the points being accrued to create a potential of 42. There are three further bonus points available from the EE and ToK making a grand total of 45 points. In order to attain the IB Diploma a candidate must fulfill a number of requirements, including:


• 24 points in total, at least 12 of which are HL

• no SL may be a grade 1

• no HL may be a grade 2

• a grade A-D in ToK and the EE

• complete the CAS requirements


Students who successfully complete two Language A (studies in language and literature) courses can be awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

Download the print version: Diploma Programme Guide

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