An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, and at Lincoln, we do all we can to help our students experience the joys of fitness and structured play. From varsity teams matched up against international opponents to preschoolers' playground games, we help students grow emotionally, mentally, and physically through our integrated approach to the sport.

At Lincoln, promoting overall well-being is the number one goal of our Athletics program. While athletes develop skills and improve fitness they also learn values like sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, endurance, and enjoyment of the game. Our varied program allows students to learn a variety of sports, experience appropriate levels of supervised competition, and establish the balance between academic work and athletic commitment.

Whether first graders helping each other grasp the fundamentals of soccer on the school's natural grass field or parents and students cheering on a varsity volleyball team from the gymnasium bleachers, athletics motivates special moments of learning and connection and brings our LCS community together.

Competitive Teams

Lincoln offers a well-developed program of competitive sports teams. As a member of the West African International Schools Activity League (WAISAL), our boys and girls varsity and junior varsity squads test their skills against opponents from around the region.  LCS teams regularly place in the top slots at local and regional tournaments held for these sports:

High School Varsity
-soccer (girls and boys)
-basketball (girls and boys)
-volleyball (girls and boys)
-swimming (girls and boys)
Middle School
-soccer (girls and boys)
-basketball (girls and boys)
-swimming (girls and boys)

Elementary School
-swimming (girls and boys) 
Our interscholastic athletics program reinforces core values of teamwork and sportsmanship while developing a high level of competitive skills. Offering encouragement, the security of belonging, and the thrill of accomplishment, we motivate athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the field of play.

Tournament days are special at LCS, with drumming at pep rallies, cheers from ongoing matches, and students, teachers, and parents proudly dressed in blue to support our teams.  Yearly travel to competitions in countries as varied as Burkina Faso, Senegal, Johannesburg and Morocco offers our student-athletes the best of international and cultural experiences available through sport.

Physical Education

The LCS physical education program promotes a healthy lifestyle among our students and prepares them for a lifetime of fun and fulfillment through physical activity.  Meeting multiple times during a week, classes at all levels introduce students to a wide variety of games and sports while reinforcing the core elements of fitness that lead to a long, healthy, active life. Through our approach to play, we teach students to practice teamwork, to have fun, to pursue success, to be a good sport, to value individual and team progress, and to develop good personal health habits. 

In addition, the Physical Education leadership program challenges 9th and 10th-grade participants to extend their planning and organizational skills as they help prepare for and manage tournaments that Lincoln hosts. Participants organize tournament brackets, track scores and results, run sound systems, shepherd visiting teams through their scheduled matches, and support other necessary facilities and equipment logistics.

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