Living in Ghana

Comfortable, furnished housing is provided for overseas-hire teachers and utilities paid by the school. 

General Expectations 

Housing provided by LCS is assumed to be adequate to meet the teacher’s needs as identified at the time of hiring (e.g. single teacher, teaching couple, couple with children, etc).  The same assumption applies to the payment of utility bills: the school agrees at the time of entering a contract with a teacher, to cover the reasonable utilities for that teacher or family. Changes in these circumstances will normally result in the teacher contributing to any increase in expenses. 

Housing Entitlement 

It is recognized that the housing in which an employee lives has an effect on the staff member’s ability to focus on educational duties at LCS.  Although no plan for allocation of desirable housing units can be perfect, the following plan is designed so that employees will understand how housing is allocated and so that the process will be perceived as equitable as possible; given market conditions in Accra. In general allocation will be based on the following guidelines: Single Teacher 2- Bedroom apartmentCouples (no children) 2/3- Bedroom apartment / houseCouples (with Children) 3/4 Bedroom apartment /house

Preparing to move to Ghana

Applying for Enrollment of Children

Teachers with children may contact the school's registrar to begin the enrollment procedure prior to arriving in Accra. The school's Admission Officer is Seth Odei-Danso. His contact details are as follows:


Prior to your arrival the Human Resources Director, Louisa Mensah-Baah, ( is your primary contact for all practical questions about your contract or your move to Ghana. Questions about your teaching assignment, curriculum documents, unit plans, resources or other teaching-related matters should be directed to your Principal.

Medical Information-(adapted from No Worries Ghana*)

Ghana is in the malaria endemic region of West Africa. It is important that you take malaria prophylactics regularly.  Your doctor and/or a tropical disease clinic will give you good information about this. Be sure to use mosquito repellant if you are out after dusk.  Malaria symptoms include high fever, headache, body aches, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Prophylaxes available in Ghana include the following: 

ChloroquineCourse of 10 tabs
Quinine300 mg. Tabs  Ampoule
ArtesonateCourse of 12 Tabs
FansidarCourse of 3 Tabs
Doxycycline1 capsule
Cumdamycin1 capsule
PlasmotrimAdult: Course of  12/200mg tabs 
Child:  Course of 12/50mg tabs 
Child:  6 Suppositories/50 mg

Please be aware that Malarone and Larium are not available in Ghana.  Many good doctors are available in Accra. There will be a copy of the guidebook mentioned above in your apartment. It contains a list of doctors, medical services and facilities available in Accra. However, most teachers have used The Nyaho Medical Center and Akai Clinic which are close to the school.

Regarding inoculations for Ghana please check with your community health care facility or from the website of the Center for Disease Control - As some vaccinations must be administered over a period, it would be wise to begin the vaccination process as early as possible.

For example.
Check with your physician concerning the following vaccinations:

  • Yellow fever must have this document to enter Ghana
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid

  * Published by the North American Women�s Association. Prescription eye glasses and contact lenses can be obtained in Accra.  However, it is advisable for you to bring along an extra pair as needed.  Also, be sure that you have a copy of your eye prescription on hand should replacement become necessary.  On your arrival, please direct any health related questions to the school nurse. It is advised that teachers bring along with them any regular medication they might be on.

Work and Residence Permit

Acquiring a work and residence permit in Ghana can be a long and complicated process.  It is important that you contact the Human Resource Coordinator and provide him with all needed information to enable him acquire a work permit on your behalf.

You are required to inform the Human Resources Coordinator and complete the necessary documentation 30 days in advance before the expiry of your residence permit so he can commence the process of the renewal of your residency and work permit. The Human Resources Coordinator will liaise with the Ministry of Interior and the Immigration department to process work and residence permit. Steps to follow for the renewal of permit:

  • Collect application form for the renewal of permit from the HR office.
  • Complete application forms with two passport photos attached and submit same to the HR with your passport.
  • New teachers should bring along with them a Police Clearance Report  and copies of certificates or diplomas from their home country or place of permanent residence.

Other Considerations

In considering whether to ship household items or buy them upon arrival, you may want to limit your shipment to personal items that will make your new apartment/house feel like home; teaching resources; and/or specific items that may be hard to find in Accra, or be more expensive. The following is a list of things that some teachers have brought with them to Accra, rather than purchase them here. To make your own decisions, we suggest you consult with your buddy or the HRC.

  • An ice chest for the beach, picnic etc.
  • Inflatable beach toys, snorkeling gear, children's beach toys, boogie board, etc.
  • Beach and bath linen. Beds in Ghana are slightly larger than standard bed size your best bet is to bring flat king size sheets and mattress covers
  • Set of basic house hold tools
  • Camera and flash attachments. Specialized batteries might not be readily available.
  • Kitchen utensils such as vegetable peelers, can openers, wine bottle openers, cutlery, measuring cups, etc
  • Favorite games, hobby materials, puzzles, darts, etc
  • Presents (Birthday, Christmas, etc.) especially for children (even if you don�t have small children) as it is difficult to get suitable things in through the mail. This includes party flavors, greeting cards, etc.
  • Notions (elastic, good quality spread for personal and tailors use, special batons, shoe laces, zippers, etc)
  • Favorite teaching material, such as posters, files, bulletin board ideas, cassette (video, audio and DVD) etc.
  • Computers may be brought in. Duty is not charged on single quantities of personal effects. Where a teacher brings more that one of the same item (eg. 2 Computers) a custom duty approximately $80 is charged on the second one.
  • Pictures, calendar, posters (walls are concrete, bring appropriate hocks for hanging items on masonry and tile, lots of them!)
  • Blankets light weight
  • Holiday items such as Christmas tree decorations, etc
  • Pet care items (scoopable kitty litter is not often available)
  • Special cosmetic needs
  • In addition, lots of family snapshots , favorite knick-knacks, paintings/poster or item to make your house into a home
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • Extra prescription glasses/ lenses and related supplies (also available here at reasonable prices)
  • Books
  • Pillows

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