CAS Stories - World Earth Day & Operational Smile
Posted 28/04/2017 11:03AM

CAS Stories - World Earth Day

On Saturday April 22, from 12:45 to 3:30pm, members of Global Issues Service Summit (GISS) led by Mackenzie Kreplin (Gr12) and Adoma Addo (Gr.11) in collaboration with children from DUNK took part in a tree planting exercise to celebrate World Earth day. Two local schools were selected for the exercise.

  • Tree species included:
  • Cassia Fistula (golden shower tree)
  • Millettia
  • Cassia Nodosa (pink shower tree)
  • Albizia Lebbeck ( Woman's tongues tree or Indian Siris)
  • Terminalia Montalis ( Indian Christmas tree)
  • Brahia Sapeda

At the Abelemkpe Basic 2 school, about 16 tree seedlings were planted. They were planted at the perimeter of the football field. Each plant was protected with wire mesh enclosures with iron rods staked to give added protection against stray balls and other interferences.

From there we moved to Dzorwulu Primary school to plant about 12 trees. Since the school is well fenced there was no need for additional protection for the plants. The children had a great time learning how to carefully plant, adding soil for enrichment, using binding wire and watering techniques.

Both schools were donated with a watering can each to facilitate easy watering of the plants. Since they are on vacation one of the school gardeners will be monitoring their growth till the schools reopen. Back to LCS all participants were treated to a delicious pizzas snack.

Thanks goes to Mr Travis Bishop, Ms Barbara Bilgre (Teacher Advisors) and parents who chipped in to make the whole activity a grand success.

Operational Smile

It all began with Smile Bags begun by Ellen Haebes who often helps with Operation Smile activities in Ghana. She makes utility bags that are donated to the OS patients. Each bag holds personal care items like toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, mirrors, combs, and washcloths. In addition are play dough packs, bubbles, crayons, coloring books, and puzzles.

Operation Smile is a US based NGO that offers free correctional surgeries for children born with cleft lip conditions. They've been to Ghana a couple of times and their next visit will be from April 20 to May 1. The team will be located in Ho, capital of the Volta region.

Ellen needed extra supplies, as there was a shortage of toothbrushes, soap bars and toothpaste. She needed about 150 of each. So through Mackenzie Kreplin (Gr.12) and then Catherine(Katie) Isham (Gr.10), the idea emerged to help out. To quote Ellen: This will be my last mission and would love it if your student group could take over this incredible community Service! I can help anyone who wants to learn the tricks I have learned to make things easier. Additionally, it is very rewarding to go to the mission site and assist during the operations...I'm sure you're students would learn important life lessons by doing so and Operation Smile welcomes all the help they can get.

Katie's presentation was in support of this initiative. Initially the response was lukewarm, so we thought not much would come out of it. I even told Ellen not to bank her hopes too much due to the timing. As we opened up to the wider LCS community, it has been encouraging and donated items have trickled in.

When we came back from the Easter break. Katie was able to raise 2000 cedis to purchase more items. Two other students Adel and Darlene have come on board. So a decision was taken to give it a try by bagging them and having them picked up by OS staff. We have 100 packages so far and it's increasing daily. The target is 150 - 200, which we're sure, is doable. However OS deemed it more instructive for the students to personally make themselves available.

That is why on Saturday April 29, the plan is to travel to the Regional hospital in Ho. About 12 students, 3 teachers and 2 parents will be joining. It's a day when all post operation children with their parents will be gathered to have final interaction with the health team. So our students interacting and sharing these surprise packages would be an experience worth its while.

Eric Boateng
CAS Coordinator


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