Anju Supports Abelemkpe School
Posted 02/06/2017 10:51AM

Anju Supports Abelemkpe School

A community as diverse as LCS is privileged with unique individual skills, interests and talents. We are supposed to use them not only for one's personal benefit but also for the profit of others. This is a cardinal human value which should be intrinsic to our nature.

Well one day, about 3 weeks ago, Mrs Anju Agrawal, a parent approaches me with an offer of volunteering some of her time to teach Math freely at any local school. From our conversation I realized that this amazing woman simply loves math like the way a duck takes to water. She was very eager to help.

So I contact Abelemkpe Basic School, a local government institution that has long-standing links with LCS. Call it luck or coincidence or destiny or the will of God but Anju arrived at the most opportune moment. They willingly accepted her offer too assist in this area. She would be supporting their Math teacher who had been having health issues, which had become quite a hindrance for some time. They asked her to help the final year Junior High Students who sit their HS entrance exams from June 5 - 9.

So every Wednesday from 1 - 4pm, you should locate Anju teaching math sessions with her students. This week, I paid the school a visit and was visibly impressed with what I saw and heard. There was Anju, braving the heat and noise to work with students. She would put a problem on the board and call volunteers to try their hands at solving them. Their peers also worked alone or in pairs or looked on and added their voice. Student comportment was generally fine with every temperament at play. It was a truly admirable and enjoyable occasion.

Something really new to them is that before classes start, Anju takes the students through a simple squat exercise called "Super brain yoga". " The concept behind is that it helps improve concentration. "If done regularly its very good for the brain", as she explains.

After this stint, Anju plans not to stop. During the summer break, she envisages involving her children, their friends and willing parents to play a part tutoring students in other grades. A wonderful spirit of volunteerism worth more than its weight in gold.

Eric Boateng
CAS Coordinator

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