Loyalty Card Grant Winners Project
Posted 07/06/2017 03:30PM

Loyalty Card Grant Winners Project.

Early this school year, four HS students visited a farm in Nsawam region, hoping to learn about cocoa and its production. Considering that Ghana is the one of the biggest producers of the goods, they anticipated a successful trip. However, to their surprise, they discovered a situation far from that; simply put, the cocoa operation was not sustainable. In order for cocoa trees to consistently bear pods, a sustained supply of water is imperative.

The farmers described to the students an agricultural system hinging on intermittent rainfall; when it did not rain, their could be no yield.In 2016, the yield of the farm was considerably lower than that of previous years, raising concerns amongst the community. With all this in mind, the students formed a group called "Hustle to Oasis" and applied for a Loyalty Card grant .

The grant was awarded and they went to work to produce a sustainable water supply for the Farmers.

Once they had decided that the focus of the project would be to increase the productivity of the farmers they interviewed farmers as well as family members vis-a-vis their everyday problems. The main issues raised were the collection and transportation of water. Valuable time that could have been spent with the cocoa trees were wasted transporting water to and from a distant river. After coming to a full understanding of their problem, the students decided to design a rainwater harvesting system whereby farmers would no longer need to rely solely on the river as a source of water.

Additionally, to ensure that the water is clean, they designed a filtration system where the filter is made from discarded cocoa pod husks, which are plentiful. Lastly the students built a cart for the transportation of river water saving time for the transportation which had been done by foot.

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