MYP Personal Project Inspired by Summer@Brown Learning Program
Posted 10/10/2017 12:16PM

MYP Personal Project Inspired by Summer@Brown Learning Program

Being a 15 year old who was a rising sophomore, a sensible way to spend my summer would typically be to include the experience of a education summer program. So, during my summer of 2017, I decided to go to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. I can say with maximum ease that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had; the amount of freedom I was given, the amount of support I was given, and the knowledge I gained from it is truly remarkable. I was at their educational summer program, Summer@Brown, for a period of three weeks. The course I decided to take was called Macroeconomics, where basically one was taught how a nation's economy works. I found the course super helpful in understanding why nations made certain choices throughout their economic history, and the factors that weighed in when they had to make certain decisions. One of the most positive experiences I had during my time in Brown outside of class was when I went to a beach called Scarborough Beach on the 4th of July, and later that day, we visited the nearby India Park and watched
"Rijul Gupta @ Brown University"

the beautiful fireworks show take place.

Inside of class, my favorite memory is when we watched a movie called the Big Short, which we then discussed and I had a lot of fun because I liked applying my newly acquired knowledge into action. It was also nice to hear and discuss the thoughts and opinions of other people in my class, who always had completely different answers than I had! I also really loved the facilities that we were provided with during our stay at Brown, since we had access to amazing gyms, basketball courts, swimming pools, and the wifi was just excellent! Their canteen was also really cool, since they had a wide spread of food, ranging from pizzas to salads to burgers to quesadillas and to ice cream! I truly had a great time! I think one thing I learnt about myself was that if I put my mind to something, no matter how challenging or daunting, I can always achieve it, and I can do that by getting familiar with the situation, and suddenly everything becomes easy! That's exactly what I did here in Brown, where with no prior knowledge in Economics, I was able to push through the course and really put some extra work and research in to find out things I didn't know, and I learnt how to discipline myself and prioritize work above friends when it matters the most. To develop my knowledge in the area of Economics, I decided to base my MYP Personal Project around it, where I want to further my understanding by teaching Economics to Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers, and having them participate in games and simulations that I will design just for them. I really look forward to this personal project and bringing what I learnt at Brown last summer back to my home community here at LCS.

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