CAS Stories for September
Posted 29/09/2017 03:14PM

CAS Stories foR September

Village of Hope

On Wednesday September 26, a combination of new
and old members of VOH club went to visit the Orphanage
at Pokuase for a guided tour of their facilities. They mainly
cater to street children between the ages of 13 to 19 years
and take them through 3 years of literacy and skills training
development. They have boarding and lodging facilities for
about 30 people both male and female.

These children have led a lifestyle which has involved drugs,
thievery, prostitution, gambling and a host of other negative
influences mainly due to poverty. Some of the skills training
include dressmaking, tailoring and auto engineering. We tried
to interact with them but a lot of shyness was at hand. It was
probably due to the limited language barrier.

However, there was this young dressmaking apprentice
who couldn't go unnoticed. She made us go hysterical
with laughter at her antics. She was very vocal, sociable
and very funny. We really came to appreciate her as a
person in spite of the tough life she's lived. She plans to
be a journalist. A main challenge faced is security as the
school lacks a properly fenced wall so they often get their
items stolen. They also will need school supplies like
exercise books, pencils, pens, coloring material, low level
reading books to mention a few.

We at LCS are already engaged in an ongoing Literacy
program involving Maths and English. It has been tough,
yet fun - a great learning experience. We hope to
continue with the progress made and improve upon it.

Ghana Must Read - LCS Chapter

Over 50 students signed up to be a part of Ghana Must
Read club on LCS Campus at the CAS Fair.
Ghana Must
Read as a larger organization strives to raise young leaders
who will spread the love of reading throughout the ten regions
in Ghana.

Hence, students are able to join this club as a CAS service
to impact the Ghanaian society in the love of reading.

In the month of September, this CAS group visited the
Korle Gonno Community Library. The students that took
part in this trip ranged from grades 6-12 (Karina Chavez,
Amanda Dzwairo, Dayoung Chung, Rebekka Udsholt,
Martina Marino, Adel Abu Baker, Calvin Boye,
Kwame El-ishama Okyere, Blen Abate, Emily Msolla,
Adoma Addo, Tuka Alsoufi, Nanna Olesen, Nicole Ghajar,
Christina Englisch, Mariane Coulibaly, Cynthia Nakabiri,
Natasha Yadav, Emma Senanu, Sarah Sathyamoorthy,
Naki Williams, Samira Yeo, Khensane Mawela, Maame Ama Boadi)
and included staff like, Miss Ann from the HS Library,
Mr Boateng- CAS Coordinator and Mr. Darren Scott Radu
and Mrs. Jill Eiko Landretti. Student leader, Carlotta Harper
led this trip.


It was a great way to connect with the children of Korle-Gonno through the love of reading and students (Grades 6-12) are encouraged to sign up to be a part of Ghana Must Read's monthly outreaches.

Roots & Shoots works at the local zoo

Last Wednesday September 20, Roots & Shoots, an
environmental club went to work at the local zoo located
in the Achimota school forest.

Their main aim is to improve he living conditions of the
animals. The task ahead is great and the club hopes to
come up with ideas to help the zoo environment

Here is a reflection from Blen Abate a grade 9 student. She says

Today, we went on our first Roots and shoots trip of the year. It was a very fun and exciting experience for me. First we cleaned some areas where the animal enclosures are. We started where the antelopes are and then worked our way to the Camel area. We fed the Camel some grass. Then we kept on sweeping, we looked at some ostriches and parrots. We also fed the monkeys. It was a good learning experience and I liked it very much.

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