Alumni Rene Gbewongo
Posted 30/11/2017 03:20PM

Alumnus Rene Gbewongo___1993-1995

In the early Fall, LCS had a surprise visit from a former Alumnus. Rene Gbewongo came to visit after leaving Ghana 22 years ago. Imagine how much had changed at LCS let alone Accra.

Rene moved to Ghana with his family in 1993 after having lived in Kenya where he had attended ISK. His parents wanted their children to continue an international education when they moved so they chose LCS.

Rene remembered with much fondness his classmates and teachers at LCS. He poured over the year books from the years he was at LCS so that he could identify old classmates.
He lamented the fact that he had lost connection with so many friends. Luckily for him, he was able to join LCS's alumni network platform where he hopes to reconnect with them. " LCS played a crucial part in preparing me to be a world citizen...after LCS, my family moved to the US, having grown up around people from all types of backgrounds has helped me to be a very well rounded person."

Currently, Rene is a Middle School & High School teacher at an international school in Brazil with his wife and children. He says" I carry Ghana with me everywhere I go. I am a teacher today, a big part of my curriculum and methodology is based on teaching people about my country and the African continent."

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