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Posted 26/01/2018 03:20PM


The last Street Girls Aid Trip of the semester, was one to remember. It was filled with fun, laughter and a lot of excitement.

As an art activity, the children created decorations for their classroom with different shapes and colors. These decorations were hung up on the wall, and instantly beautified the room.

Apart from art, we engaged in some outdoor fun; playing with hoola hoops, footballs and swinging. It was great to see the children engaged and full of energy. We all enjoyed this last trip, and can[?]t wait to see the children next semester!


Tech needs Ghana is a project which is aimed at solving the problem of computer literacy. By recently teaching and demonstrating online learning platforms to the students of Abelempke school, we have tried to fulfil the club's goal. However, its vision differs from its goal.

TNG envisions to study and teach the Ghanaian computer curriculum and prepare students for a computers exam at the end of their middle school. Starting next year, TNG hopes to deliver on this goal and start its march towards this vision. (Anchit Jain Gr.12)


The Village of Hope orphanage club made its last visit of the semester this week.Led by co President Hawi, 3 girls and 8 boys were at their usual best. They had math and English sessions with 25 of VoH students. It was admirable watching as our students helped a lot of the students who were struggling to understand the comprehension passages and multiplication problems. They are at different levels of education from little or no to middle school level. The average age is about 15 years.At the end there was a book presentation by Luke Gallat who as his CAS project decided to raise the level of reading. He made a drive to get storybooks from the LCS community and ended up with a box load of them. The VoHers were delighted and simply could not hide their joy at rifling through the books most of which had pictures to make easy reading. The Director Ms Araba Hammond expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Orphanage. That was a fitting finale to a great semester.

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