Hustle to Oasis(H2O) clinches coveted AISA award
Posted 29/03/2018 12:05PM

Hustle to Oasis(H2O) clinches coveted AISA award

A CAS project to harness water on a sustainable basis for some farmers in the Nsawam area was hatched by four enterprising 12th graders: Aayush Agrawal, Goro Horie, Hawi de Jager and Maltiti Andani.

Getting sufficient water for their crops and animals had been an unending challenge for these farmers. During the dry season especially, the farmers had to trek long distances to fetch buckets and gallons of water and had no proper means of storage. It was tiresome and time wasting task.

Hustle to Oasis(H2O) project came to the rescue. A plan was devised and implemented. With grant support from the Lincoln Fund, rain gutters were installed, a cart was constructed for conveyance and a 2,500 litre water storage tank provided.

It was a 4 - 6 months undertaking.So now the farmers can water their crops and provide water for their animals all year round.

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