Alumnus Sara Brauchbar
Posted 29/03/2018 12:04PM

Alumnus Sara Brauchbar

Sara attended Lincoln from 10th grade until her graduation in 2011. In her words, "LCS offered a wide variety of courses and after school activities, ranging from sports, to sciences and theatre, etc.

This kind of variety enabled me to try out new things, allowing me to discover myself and to get to know my strengths and my weaknesses." Today, Sara works in the legal department of a finance technology firm and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

Her memories of LCS remain strong because of the friendships she formed while at school Sara remains connected to her classmates through WhatsApp, FaceBook, and other platforms but mostly she just enjoys getting together with them.

Sara attended the recent Alumni Reunion in London and hopes to come for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in November.

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