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Admission Policy

Lincoln offers admission to all students who, in the opinion of the school's professionals, can benefit from its well-balanced and rigorous programs. Admission of students to LCS is subject to the approval of the Admission Committee, who reviews each applicant file once it is complete.

Note: The Admission Office will only accept a fully completed online application before it will start the admission process. All application documents required must be submitted online. No application documents may be hand-delivered or e-mailed.

Admission and Placement

Parents must agree to the LCS Admission Policy before enrollment. By signing your application for admission online, you agree to the terms and conditions stated.

Authority for Decisions

Final authority for decisions on admission and grade placement rests with the Head of School, in consultation with the principals.

Admission and Student Needs

Admission is open to all students who, in the school’s opinion, will benefit from a challenging, international, English-language education which prepares them for higher education and a life of challenge, change, and purpose. LCS therefore, admits students whose academic, personal, social and emotional needs can be met by the school’s programs and services, and who can be integrated into a mainstream classroom. 

Transparency of Admission Requirement

The school’s admission requirements and procedures are published and made available to all prospective parents.

Conditions of Admission

It is a condition of admission that all parents sign an Enrollment Contract at the time of admission to LCS, and sign a re-enrollment conditions letter at the beginning of each school year at the time of paying first semester fees.

Acceptance and Placement

Generally, students will be placed in the grade for which they are age-appropriate, using November 1st as the threshold for grade placement. Please refer to our 2017 - 2018 grade placement chart and 2018- 2019 grade placement chart. The primary criteria for admission of EAL students into secondary school will be the student’s anticipated readiness to engage fully in the IB courses.

New students coming from abroad may start classes anytime during the course of a semester except during exam period. New Secondary School students applying for admission during the fourth quarter of a semester must obtain special permission for enrollment.

Previous School Records

Students will not be accepted without receipt of official records from previous schools. Acceptance of these records as official documents will be at the discretion of the Head of School.

Residence Requirements/Temporary Guardianship

Students enrolled in LCS must have at least one parent or legal guardian in full-time residence with them in Accra. In the case of necessary guardianship, a Statutory Declaration granting guardianship must be submitted to the admission office at the time of enrollment. The Statutory Declaration must be notarized and attached to the online application.

Admission Timelines for Local and International Students

The re-enrollment period for LCS families starts in January. Re-enrollment contracts inform the Admission office on seats available for the new academic year (2018 - 2019). Based on that information, the admission office is able to allocate available spaces to new applicants for the following school year. The information below will provide a timeline for families applying to the school:

  1. Applications for the new academic year may be submitted after January 1st  (e.g. 2016-17 year can only be submitted starting January 2016).
  2. Early decisions will be made on completed and submitted applications received by March 1st. 
  3. All other completed applications submitted after March 1st will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  4. Decisions on applications received after the close of the school year may be delayed for up to a month. The latest time for decisions is the first week in August.

Note: Spaces are allocated based on availability. In the event there are limited or no spaces, the wait list policy referred in the next paragraph is applied.

Admission Priority Guidelines

If spaces are limited in a particular grade, applicants who have met all admission requirements will be admitted according to the following priorities:

  1. Children of U.S. Embassy families,
  2. GPP Corporate sponsor seat holders
  3. Children of LCS overseas teachers
  4. Children with siblings already enrolled,
  5. Children with a parent or parents of citizenship other than that of the host country; children whose education has primarily been outside of Ghana irrespective of nationality of the parents,
  6. All other children, as space permits, according to the date of completed application.

International Applicants

Students moving to Accra from outside Ghana are considered International applicants. International applicants may apply for admission under the following guidelines:

International students may apply for admission anytime during the first semester except during exam period in December.

International students applying for admission during the second semester must be able to start classes prior to May 1st.

High School International students, applying after January, may only obtain semester credit if they start classes before March 1st.  (Otherwise, classes may be audited without credit.)

Local Transfer Applicants

Students already enrolled in a school in Ghana are considered Local Transfer students.  Local Transfer applicants may apply for enrollment to start in August and January only.

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