Academic Support


Lincoln Community School offers a range of services for students with mild to moderate needs.   Support focuses on accommodations offered through in-class support and pull-out support through one-one-on and small group interventions.  

Our philosophy of support is to provide accommodations for students to achieve the same expectations as their grade-level peers.  LCS accommodates the learning process by scaffolding the needs of individual learners; however we do not modify curricular objectives or standards.  

Our team includes general support teachers and instructional assistants.  Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists are not provided through LCS. It is important for LCS families to note that there are limited services available in Accra.  Some of our families develop clinical relationships with specialists who are willing to work with students via Skype. In our experience, with few exceptions, families need to travel outside the country to update psycho-educational evaluations.

Parent Testimonials