Middle and High school students at Lincoln Community School participate in an advisory program. Advisory serves as a grade level home base through which students explore developmentally appropriate topics including academic skills, interpersonal skills, digital citizenship, and strategies for self-care.  

Advisory Groups

Middle School Advisory

In Middle School, advisory groups are organized through a "house system", bringing students together for cooperative and competitive activities, both across and among grade level groups. These activities range from academic extensions to community building events. Through advisory, students also engage in student-led assemblies and sessions that focus on communication skills, self-care, student skills, and building identity.  

High School Advisory

In High School, advisory focuses on grade-specific needs. Students explore topics related to their health and wellness in small grade level groups, whole grade level groups, divisional assemblies, and student facilitated sessions. In addition to sessions on well-being, there is a focus on direct academic advising, IB expectations (such as the Personal Project and Extended Essay), and the requirements of the Diploma Programme in Grades 11 and 12.