English Language Learning


Lincoln Community School can offer English language support for Elementary (K - 5) and Middle School (6-8) students who are new learners of the English language. All new learners of the English language participate as fully as possible in the school’s complete curriculum. This approach to English language support allows students to actively participate in our full school program with minimal to moderate accommodations. EAL student support levels are determined through WIDA assessment results and teacher feedback.

When students enter our school curricular program without English language experience after Grade 4, they may struggle academically, socially, and emotionally. Often, substantial time and effort, on the part of the students and families, are required outside of the regular school day in order to engage with content in all required courses.  

LCS reserves the right to administer additional English language assessments to students entering grades 6-12, unless English proficiency is demonstrated through a norm-referenced assessment such as MAP, PSAT, or other language assessment scale like WIDA or reports from previous school.  LCS trained staff can administer the WIDA assessment at the LCS campus.


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