Student Fees For 2020 - 2021 School Year

1. Registration Fees for New Students (Non-refundable)

Pre-Kindergarten                USD 1,500
Kindergarten to Grade 12  USD 6,500

The Registration fee is a onetime, non-refundable, non transferable payment for all NEW students and must be paid in full at the time of admission. On entry, students in Pre-Kindergarten pay an initial registration fee of US$1,500; the balance of US$5,000 becomes payable when the student advances to Kindergarten.  Parents registering more than two children are entitled to a registration discount of 50% after the second child. 

2. Annual Tuition Fees

Pre - Kindergarten  USD 15,084.00
Kindergarten  USD 21, 537.00
Grades 1-5  USD 22, 202.00
Grades 6-8  USD 23, 691.00
Grades 9-10  USD 25,101.00
Grades 11 & 12  USD 26, 276.00  

Note: Students enrolling after the first month of school are eligible for discounted tuition pro-rated according to the number of days remaining in the semester.

3. Maintenance fee for all students

All students are billed a Maintenance Fee of USD 2,000 per annum.

4. Reservation Fee for all Returning students

A non-refundable reservation fee of $500 must be paid by March 1st before families’ re-enrollment contract is accepted.  The $500 fee is credited against tuition fees.

5. Fee Payment Schedule and Guidelines 

First Semester fees, including full payment of Maintenance Fee, become due on June 1, 2020; Second Semester fees become due by October 1, 2020.

All tuition fees are quoted in US Dollars, however payment may be made either in US Dollars or Ghana Cedis at a rate of exchange to be advised by the Business Office. Fees may be paid by checks, direct deposit, or wire transfers into the School’s accounts, details of which are found below.  Checks should be made payable to Lincoln Community School.  The School does not accept fee payments in cash. Any checks which are returned unpaid will be subject to a penalty payment of USD100.00.  The onus of proof of payment rests with parents and sponsors, accordingly, parents and sponsors are advised to provide copies of deposit slips or transfer authorizations to the Business office for receipts to be issued.  All wire transfer instructions must include the name of the student.  All transfer and collection charges will be passed on to parents and/or sponsors. In the absence of any negotiated settlements, students may be excluded from classes until any payments due are received by the school.

6. Late Payment Penalties

Each semesters' fees, which are outstanding after their due date, will attract an interest payment of 2% per month.