LCS School Supplies 2020-2021

Elementary School
LCS provides all Elementary School supplies. From tissues to notebooks, pencils to rulers, all are provided to students. Items you may want to shop for over your summer travels are a lunch box, water bottle, hat, and a backpack. The Elementary School encourages students in PreK - Grade 5 to wear hats when playing outside at break time and during PE. PE shirts are available at the school store. 

Middle School
All students in middle school will need the following supplies. Please Click here to view specific list of items that will be needed for the school year.

High School
Due to the variety of courses offered among the different grades at the High School level, specific lists of materials readily available in Ghana, are provided by teachers during the first week of school. Students must bring their own computer to campus (either Mac or Windows). The LCS BYOD policy is available on the LCS Info App or click here to view. 

General Supplies for all HS students to bring
As a general guideline to get a head start on your shopping, typical items needed are:

  • backpack
  • water bottle
  • pencil case
  • pencil sharpener
  • blue and black ink pens
  • USB Flash Drive (at least 4GB)
  • pencils
  • highlighters
  • variety of folders/binders.
  • the TI - Nspire CX graphing calculator is required for all LCS HS math classes; these calculators have not previously been available in Ghana but we have been informed that CARLIN GHANA - at Palace Mall - will provide them to order. You can contact CARLIN GHANA as follows:
    • Phone : 055 257 2035 or 02448800271
    • Email:  
    • Contact Person: Ms. Lucinda 
  • Note - do not purchase the TI - Nspire CX CAS version, as it is not permitted in the IB exams.

Instrumental Music Grades 6-12
Generally, instrumental music students supply their own instrument. The school does have some instruments available for loan but these supplies are limited and may not match the instrument your son or daughter wishes to play.

Thank you,
Advancement Office