Lincoln Community School strives to create a welcoming atmosphere where all members of our community learn and work together to achieve our educational goals.


For any recruitment process, LCS collects and processes personal data relating to job applicants. LCS is committed to being transparent about how it collects and uses applicants personal data submitted to the school  and to meeting the requirements of Ghanaian Data Protection Act ,2012 ( 843) and the European General Data Protection Regulation(673), 2016 . Please click here to access LCS Employment Privacy Notice.


Administrative Vacancies

  • There are currently no vacancies available. Please check back soon.

Teaching Vacancies

  • There are currently no vacancies available. Please check back soon.

Other Vacancies

  • There are currently no vacancies available. Please check back soon.

How to apply

Qualified candidates should send a C.V.  and cover letter to:

Mrs. Louisa Mensah-Baah, 
Director of Human Resources
Email for Teacher Vacancies: teacherhire@lincoln.edu.gh 
Email for Administrative & other Vacancies: recruitment@lincoln.edu.gh

Lincoln Community School 
PMB CT 354 
Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +233 30 221 8100

Expectations for Teachers

LCS is seeking teachers who are passionate about education—their own as well as their students’;  who love and respect children;  who are committed to helping all students understand what they are learning;  who thrive in a collaborative, collegial environment as part of a team of professionals;  and who inspire their students to be curious, critical learners.  Specific skills and experience we are looking for in teachers are spelled out in our recruitment profiles, which can be found on the Vacancies page.  

The mission statement is the starting point for everything at LCS, so if you haven’t read that yet, then please do. Our Standards for Effective Teachers are used by teachers for annual self-evaluation, by principals to provide feedback to teachers at the end of each school year, and by teachers to set annual goals in their on-going professional growth plans.  There are five standards:

  • Effective planning and preparation
  • Engaging and purposeful classroom environment
  • Appropriately differentiated instruction
  • Accountability for student learning
  • Commitment to professional responsibilities

A key document in defining expectations for LCS teachers is our Code of Professional Conduct.

Professional Development

A cornerstone of our school philosophy is that we are all learners.  Whether we are students, teachers, parents, or support staff, we are all active learners or should be, if we want to be associated with a dynamic school environment such as Lincoln's!  

Putting our money where our mouth is!

In its commitment to professional development LCS is one of the best-resourced international schools in the world, as measured by the percentage of operating budget that is spent on PD.  For several years that spending has exceeded 2% of the school's operating budget, and is usually about 2.4%.  That funding provides growth opportunities for virtually all staff on the payroll.  

A variety of programs, differentiated to respond to individual and school needs

LCS organizes its PD programs to provide maximum benefit for our clients, the students.  Because everyone has a role in the education of our students, whether as a teacher, teaching assistant, administrator, maintenance worker, or administrative staff member, our programs are tailored to support learning for all groups, and individuals within those groups.