The athletics program at Lincoln Community School is designed to provide a positive and caring environment which helps to prepare our students for success in life. 

Student-athletes at LCS are offered opportunities for year-round skill development in a variety of sports and activities. With a focus on increasing student’s physical fitness and well-being, our athletics program encourages the development of skills, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and most of all – having fun.

At the elementary school level, the focus is on participation and developing an interest in sports. We aim to have our youngest athletes to learn to show respect for self and others, to value teamwork, and to win and lose gracefully.

In middle and high school, students begin to compete and gain experience playing against other schools and clubs in Ghana and the wider West Africa region.

our athletic program is one of the largest and most diverse among international schools in Ghana.

Competitive Teams

LCS offers a well-developed program of competitive sports teams. As a member of the West African International Schools Activity League (WAISAL), our boys and girls varsity and junior varsity squads test their skills against opponents from around the region.  

Competitive sports are offered in the following categories for both boys and girls:

West Africa International Schools Activities League (WAISAL)

LCS is a member of the West Africa International School’s Activities League. As full members of WAISAL, our Middle & High School athletics teams have the opportunity to travel to participate in sports events throughout the West Africa region. In recent years, LCS students have participated in events held in Nigeria, Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire and Burkina Faso. LCS teams have a strong history of being successful at these international tournaments.

School Mascot

Athletics Director

Aquatics Program Teacher Coordinator