”If you want to give others happiness, practice compassion.  If you want to make yourself happy, practice compassion.”

- dalai lama

At Lincoln Community School, helping our students learn and practice compassion through service to the broader community is one of our top priorities.  From turtle-hatchery projects to weekend "builds" with Habitat for Humanity to weekly "Service Wednesday" trips, we offer learners at all levels the opportunity to transcend barriers, develop stewardship, and build empathy as they work on issues of local and global importance.

At the elementary school level, service is integrated into the academic learning experience through outreach projects built into classroom units.  In middle school, service becomes more formal as classes choose specific long-term volunteer projects designed to complement classroom learning. In high school, students pursue service hours as part of a core set of outside-the-classroom activities. 

Through all LCS service activities we teach students teamwork, respect for human dignity, and personal qualities like curiosity and determination.  Reaching out beyond the walls of the academy, engaged learners uncover personal talents, discover the ethical implications of their life and actions, and build an awareness of and empathy for the common challenges facing humanity.

For the past five years LCS students have been honored by the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), with the Student Service Leader Award for their work in our community.  Some recent projects include Hustle 2 Oasis (H20), Hergyne, Operation Smile, Right to Light, and Street Girls Aid. Service projects change frequently in response to student interest and initiative.