The Counseling Program at Lincoln includes three Counselors and an assistant. There is a PK-grade 5 counselor, a counselor for grade 6-9, and a counselor for grades 10-12. As much as possible the counselors collaborate and even bring students together for mentoring and discussions when this is relevant. In grade 10, in addition to individual counseling and informal sessions, the Counselor conducts lessons on career exploration, course choice, child protection and other topics as needed.

Elementary School Counseling

Robyn Harwood
(Elementary School Counselor)

The lower school counselor supports students and their families in the process of enhancing social-emotional wellness and academic achievement. Students at LCS are continuously encouraged to look through the Primary Years Program (PYP) lens of inquiry to help them discover how their decisions impact their own well-being, the people they know, and their environment. The counselor uses team-based, proactive and solution-focused strategies to promote children’s decision-making towards success.


Middle School Counseling

Bayli Martinez
(Middle School Counselor)

The middle school counseling program supports the objectives of the Middle Years Program (MYP) by helping students develop thinking skills, global awareness, and becoming respectful, enthusiastic life-long learners. The counselor assists students in learning social, organizational and study skills through a variety of workshops and homeroom activities.



High School Counseling

Mashal Ebadi
(High School Counselor)

At the high school level, the counselor assumes two responsibilities: guidance and university counseling with the goal of supporting students in becoming self-reflective, academically successful, healthy, and responsible young adults. The counselor regularly meets with teachers to keep track of students’ academic, social and emotional progress. LCS is a college-preparatory school with an emphasis on academic excellence through the IB Diploma Program; therefore, the university counseling trajectory begins for our students in grade nine and follows a strategic continuum gaining depth and scope through grades ten and eleven.  The program culminates in the university application process during semester one of grade 12, whereby matriculation to a tertiary institution is the goal and expectation for each student.