While we strive to appropriately challenge students in our vibrant learning community, we realize that support is sometimes necessary to help each individual realize their potential. Learning support services are provided in each of our divisions by specialists who offer a range of services including in-class support or small group pull-out instruction. An important feature of learning support services at LCS is that the specialists provide ongoing consultation to the team of teachers they work with. 

Our learning support services assist students with learning challenges to become more independent learners. Specialists aid students to strengthen their work habits and work on the building of skills so that students can access the school curriculum. Classroom and learning support teachers work with parents to address the specific needs of our students. In some cases, students require short-term interventions or accommodations and are offered learning support for up to a semester. When students require learning support over a longer period of time, we create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). All our students with an ILP receive more intensive or longer-term support.

How our students are supported varies depending on their grade and specific needs. In the Elementary School, students with learning challenges are identified early and are typically supported through small group intensive instruction. One on one support can be provided as appropriate. In Grades 1 to 8, our students receive support within the classroom and are often assigned to additional pull out support as needed. In the High School, most students who are on learning plans (ILP or intervention/accommodation plan), are scheduled to the Academic Resource Center (ARC). The ARC class provides an opportunity for our students to receive help with skill-building and work habits in the context of assignments from subject classes. Limited in-class support is available in the High School depending on the number of students in a class who need support. Some high school students have learning plans for accommodations and consultation only and are not assigned to ARC.