At Lincoln Community School, our diverse population of students apply to colleges and universities in countries around the globe, including the UK, Canada, USA, Netherlands, France, Lebanon, Australia, South Korea, and Ghana. The LCS university counseling program serves to meet the needs of individual students and their families.

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College and University Visits

LCS hosts visits from over 65 universities each year. 

If you are a university representative and would like to schedule a visit, please contact Ms. Susana Bansah at

Timeline for College and University Applications

Click on grades below for important milestones in the college application process:


  • February: Begin your career exploration during advisory
  • March:  Begin planning your IB (Grade 11 and 12) courses
  • March/April: Register for courses
  • Summer:
    • Get to know yourself better in terms of future plans and goals
    • Visit colleges with parents or friends if possible
    • Research colleges with reading guidebooks, by talking to LCS alumni, and by using online resources



  • October: Take PSATs
  • November: Start planning for summer programs/activities.
  • January: Begin college counseling curriculum in “H Block” rotations
  • January - March: Prepare and register for the May SAT or April ACT.  Take your test prep seriously!
  • March: Grade 11 Parent Night
  • April – June: Continue college counseling curriculum; begin drafting college list and your college essay
  • April/May: Take April ACT or May SAT
  • May: Request Letters of Recommendation (LORs) from two of your teachers
  • June: Take 2 SAT Subject tests by June, if needed

Over the course of the semester and summer:

  • Work on the following documents:
    • Essay
    • Resume
  • Research, research, research (and VISIT) colleges!
    • Create a ‘Smart’ Draft College List (financially strategic & diverse in terms of acceptance)
    • Get to know yourself better in terms of future plans and goals
    • Research colleges with guidebooks, talking to people, online resources, counselor
    • Attend College Fairs & Visits
    • Visit colleges with parents or friends as possible
  • Meet with Counselor individually  


  • Summer: work on Essay, continue college list research, visit colleges, interview if possible; if you want to apply ED or EA start finalizing your choices

  • September: be sure your Teacher LOR writer has what s/he needs for your letter.

  • September through November: Register for October SATs or September or November ACTs, if you want to boost your scores

  • September through November: Complete your College Essay!

  • September through November: Polish Supplements and applications!

  • October: familiarize yourself with Common App and UCAS

  • October 15:  Final College List Due!

  • November: apply ED or EA, if you choose to do this.

  • November: work on supplemental college essays.

  • November 1: Order SAT & ACT scores by mail!!

  • December 15: Final College Applications for the U.S. and the U.K. should be finished!

  • January: Financial Aid Month (Submit FAFSA, ICF, individual school Financial Aid applications)

  • February: Follow Up Month; submit college applications with later deadlines.

  • Spring, General: For applications to India, Korea, Europe, Australia and other countries, start gathering documents, meet with Counselor to be certain your transcript requests are in place.

  • March, April: UK decisions and Rolling US decisions come in

  • April: Decision Month; visit schools again, talk to people, etc.

  • May 1: Deposit at the U.S. school of your choice! Make your final UCAS choices

  • May: Take Ib Exams

  • July: Receive IB results and UK offers

Terms: ED = Binding Early Decision Plan 11/1 or 11/15; ED 2 usually 1/1) Results by 12/15 for ED 1 or by 2/15 for ED 2

              EA = Non-Binding Early Action Plan (EA usually offered between 11/1 –12/15) Results usually within 6-8 weeks.

              RD = Regular Decision.  Usually 1/1, 1/15, 2/1 or 2/15; Results usually on  4/1

             Rolling = Public Schools usually offer this plan.  Students accepted on a  continual basis; results usually sent 6-12 
              weeks after the application is  processed.

2017-2018 university and college acceptances

American University of Beirut    
Brunel University of London      
City University of London           
Colorado State University           
Drexel University           
Durham University        
King's College London   
McGill University            
McMaster University     
Mount Holyoke College
New York University      
Northeastern University
Queen's University        
Royal Holloway
The London School of Economics and Political Science    
The University of Tampa             
University College London          
University of Alberta     
University of Bristol       
University of British Columbia   
University of California, San Diego          
University of Essex        
University of Exeter       
University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign        
University of Leeds        
University of London     
University of Manchester           
University of Maryland, College Park      
University of Massachusetts, Amherst   
University of Southampton        
University of Surrey       
University of Sussex      
University of Toronto    
University of Warwick   
University of Waterloo 
University of Westminster        
Waseda University         
Yale University 
York University