2018/19 Personal Project Parent Night

Personal Project Parent Night took place Tuesday, September 18th in the HS Library for parents of 10th grade students.

Greta Keltz, Director of Educational Programs, opened the evening by welcoming parents and introducing faculty in attendance. Personal Project Coordinator Michael Bishop-Obbin co-led the rest of the evening with MYP Coordinator Lisa Maren Thompson.

An overview of the Personal Project was delivered by Mr. Bishop-Obbin and included a look at the learning cycle and major deadlines. Next, he invited parents to visit four stations where he had assembled examples of each of the three components of the Personal Project: the process journal, the product/outcome, and the report.

The subject of Ms. Thompson's presentation that followed was inquiry-based: "How might I encourage my young scholar during the 10th grade Personal Project?"

Tips included:

  • Know that the Personal Project has three parts: process journal, product/outcome, and the report.
  • Empower your young scholar to be independent and to find a project goal that she or he is passionate about.
  • Encourage your child's relationship with his/her supervisor.

Parents may pick up the whole handout which includes all the tips in addition to the project learning goals from the MYP Room (64c, above IT.)

Each 10th grade student has been assigned a supervisor and is also encouraged to connect with an expert in the field she/he is interested in. There are 52 students and nearly that many supervisors involved! New this year is the additional role of Personal Project Mentors. Mentors are available to encourage and support supervisors. They are also available to students in addition to their own supervisor.

This year's Mentor Team includes:

  1. Mr. Morin (Learning Innovation Coach),
  2. Ms. Keltz (Director of Educational Programs),
  3. Ms. Eller (HS Librarian),
  4. Mr. Bishop-Obbin (Personal Project Coordinator),
  5. Mr. Acquah (Student Support Services Teacher), and
  6. Ms. Thompson (MYP Coordinator).

In September, students are beginning their process journals and meeting with their supervisors for the first time. Products/outcomes are due in the beginning of December. The first draft of the report is due in January. The final draft of the report and the exhibition and celebration will be in February. Students have a section on Managebac devoted to their project and are able to receive directions from Mr. Bishop-Obbin as well as interact with their supervisor on this digital page as well.

The Personal Project is the culminating project for the Middle Years Program (grades 6-10) and a wonderful opportunity and challenge for every student, even if it is his/her first year in the program. Lincoln Community School is one of over 1300 MYP schools in over 100 countries around the world where 10th graders complete a Personal Project.

Good luck to the Class of 2021!