2019 School Maker Faire

Lincoln Community School held a second School Maker Faire on March 28th.
It was an energetic and joyful event full of creativity, innovation, imagination,
spirit, laughter, surprise, community, sharing, and learning.

This year we had over 400 registered participants from the elementary, middle,
and high school programs. Students, teachers, and parents were all invited. In
addition there were many parents that joined their children. In the end the real
number of participants was around 500 total.

The School Maker Faire embodied the best of what learning can be. There
were excellent individual projects but also many small groups came together
to make, create, exhibit, present, and show work. Most of the projects were
made out of easy to find materials and parts but designed and and built around
complex and interesting ideas. Physics, chemistry, design, architecture, art,
dance, music, history, justice, environmentalism, fitness, and other topics were
brought to life through participant passion and interest in their projects.

There were no grades, no awards, no individual recognition but there was
enjoyment and engagement. Participants had to commit real time and energy
to their projects and share them with the school community.

The first School Maker Faire at Lincoln Community School was one year ago.
Looking back it seems like the event has evolved nicely. The level and complexity
of projects was generally higher. Their were over 100 more participants. Many
more parents came and stayed at the event and the energy was really pumping.

When we held this event in 2018 I was hoping to have 30 participants. We ended
up with over 300. This year I expected it to be bigger but not with more than 400 registered participants. Looking forward we will have to find more space to hold
this event. We have maxed out our current space. It is a fun problem to have.

For now I am happy to simply celebrate the the work that the participants
put into this event to make it come alive. I am grateful for all the positive
spirit and enthusiasm that everyone brought to this event and optimistic
that next year will be even better.