3rd Grade Musical

Wednesday 16 May students of grade 3 performed their Musical

We began working on this project over 5 weeks ago. The students have
integrated new knowledge and understanding from their three most recent
units of inquiries (How the World Works: Scientific and Design Thinking,
How We Express Ourselves: Storytelling, and Where We are in Time and
Place: Significant People) to create their show.

From writing scripts to choosing their parts, from adapting lyrics to designing
the set, the project and the result was truly student generated.

Collaborating in groups, all students wrote scripts that contained the following
four elements:

1.7 characters: a Storyteller, Alice, Cheshire Cat, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison,
Marie Curie and Leonardo daVinci
2.overcoming challenges: the characters are stuck in Wonderland, and need to
overcome a challenge or two in order to escape
3.one riddle, at least
4.one song with new lyrics that fit the story

Like the characters in the musical, the students needed to use their imagination, critical thinking and creativity!

After some revising of the script, students started to rehearse during music lessons and one time every week with all 64 students.

The ES Music and Arts Team is proud of the students' hard work in the show! You can view the musical and photos Via the ES Music Website


All teachers and TA's who have collaborated during this project. Room moms for providing communication and treats. Facilities and IT Team for getting everything ready during rehearsals and during the show!