4th Graders Migrate to Ellis Island

During the Unit Of Inquiry - "Where We Are in Place and Time", 4th
grade students conducted an inquiry into human migration. Each
4th grader took on the role of a European immigrant in 1914 as they
considered push and pull factors, different perspectives, and the main
causes of migration at that time.

While playing the part of their characters, students 'sailed' to America,
arrived to registration and luggage handling, and went through medical
checks for disease and injury. A numeracy and reading test along with
currency exchange led the kids to their final stop - a meeting with
immigration officers.

It was an immersive and illuminating experience, and we're grateful
for incredible support from parents, teachers, and family members
in making this happen.

If you bump into a 4th grader, be sure to ask them about their
journey to Ellis Island!