50th Anniversary Alumni Soiree

It was a wonderful night filled with merry laughter, delicious food, and great fun. The 50th
Anniversary Alumni Soirée was certainly a memorable event that brought alumni together
to celebrate and reminisce. As they walked down into the beautifully decorated Vine
Lounge, their excitement grew when they recognized other alumni, old teachers and staff
they hadn't seen in years. The event began with a round of welcome drinks while the DJ
entertained with music in the background. We then had opening remarks from Ms.
Flormann, Chairman of the 50th Anniversary committee, followed by a welcome address by
the Advancement Team.

As expected, a major part of the soirée constituted alumni, faculty and staff catching up
with each other and reminiscing about the old times. Many of them enjoyed flipping
through the different yearbooks (some going back as far as the 80s) that were displayed
on the various tables. They had a lot of good laughs over some of the old photos and were
even 'caught' taking screenshots with their cellphones! One highlight of the event was the
presence of Kerry and Kevin McNulty, children of Frances McNulty, one of the founders of
Lincoln Community School. Being alumni who attended LCS in the 70s, it was great seeing
them interact with some of the younger alumni as well as the familiar faces that attended
LCS around the same time they did.

Other highpoints of the event included the cutting of the 'LCS at 50' cake and a highly
anticipated Lucky Dip, where two alumni won two tickets each, to attend the LCS gala at
Kempinski the following day. The tail end of the event was filled with dancing and lots of
photos being taken at the photobooth.

Lincoln Community School is truly excited to have had the opportunity to celebrate our
50th Anniversary with our amazing alumni, who are an important part of the school's
legacy. We look forward to celebrating together with our alumni, again, in the years to