LCS hosts 6th Annual School Health Network Conference

Lincoln Community School on March 2nd, 2019 once again hosted the 6th
Annual School Health Conference. The School Health Conference was started
by the LCS nursing team in 2014 under School Health Network (SHeN), in
collaboration with the national and regional School Health Program (Ghana
Education Service) office, Parents Teacher Organization, and LCS administration.

As the brainchild of LCS, school nurse Mercy Vanderpuije, SHeN's mission is
to provide Ghanaian school nurses and school health coordinators in local
and private schools with training in evidence-based practice. The aim is to
improve the standard of school health in Ghanaian schools and ultimately
enhance student achievement and success.

This year's conference themed "Appreciation and Understanding", brought
together 109 participants from both private and public schools. Participants
comprised of school nurses, school health coordinators, teachers and
administrators. The welcome address was delivered by Mr. William Hanagan,
LCS Director of Student Support Services.

He urged participants to take a front line role in dealing with child protection
in their schools. Training sessions run at the conference were "Procedures for
Managing Common Illnesses at School", "Child Protection Training", and First
Aid/CPR for Teachers and Caregivers.

A former national director of the School Health Program under the Ghana
Education Service, Mrs. Ellen Mensah, delivered the keynote address. Having
been part of the conferences from the very beginning, she noted that SHeN
was of full age now being in its sixth year and ready to take on bigger tasks.

One other activity undertaken by SHeN this year was a Child Protection Training
workshop for 100 public schools teachers, who are School Health Coordinators
(SHEP Coordinators) in their respective schools. It was facilitated by LCS Nurses
and held at Kpone Katamanso in the Tema Municipal District, Greater Accra on
February 16, 2019.

Some feedback received from participants read, "Well done to the organizers, I
have learnt a lot. The tools will be needful and useful", "Very educative program.
Keep it up". Participants were full of gratitude for the knowledge and skills gained,
and the opportunity offered them to learn from LCS, a leading school.