A Day of CAS

The Day of CAS is an annual event to celebrate the significance of CREATIVITY ACTIVITY SERVICE as an integral part of the IB program.

The theme was: CAS Learner CAS Leader CAS Connector This year much emphasis was placed on the use Creativity across many activities. So students and staff were engaged in different activities showcasing the 3 strands.

A guest speaker came to encourage students to follow their dreams using their skills, interests and talents. the session was quite thought provoking. Some students played specific instruments or sang and shared the values they gained from such experiences.

There were student led workshops to sensitize the audience on the numerous opportunities around them.

Students were also taken through various sporting activities including Lacrosse as a new addition to our program. Some had yoga and others were into choreography. There was also a food bazaar where participants learned how to make simple sandwich meals and ring donuts.

The Service clubs also had their turn exposing students to what they have to offer for the year.

It was a no school day and by the end everyone had a pretty good taste of the CAS expectations according to their grade level.

We hope to see something unique come out of each student as they share their reflections on their activities over the course of the school year

Story by Eric Boateng - CAS Coordinator